Accelerate to your Revenue Goals by joining Founder Revenue Academy

  • Fast-tracked path to revenue
  • Accelerated pace to first 10 customers
  • Velocity to next fund raise
  • Increase # of meetings
  • Boost your close rate
  • Move beyond Founder-led sales
  • Effective lead generation
  • Unique value proposition
  • Introductions to investors

Founder Revenue Academy's fast-tracked learning programme gives you the tools to combat critical sales challenges

  • Lack of understanding your target market
  • Not knowing who to hire
  • Lack of confidence when selling
  • Not knowing how to set pricing
  • Unsure whether to sell direct or via partnerships
  • Difficulty creating consistent leads
  • Unable to grow existing customers
  • Consultancy support too expensive

What to expect from the Course

"I would like to thank the team at Founder Revenue Academy for delivery a great course that has been hugely beneficial to our business. Each of the modules were packed with immediately impactful content in particular those on Contracts and Negotiation. Highly recommended"

Ben D , Co-Founder

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The FRA learning journey

The Founder Revenue Academy Course is designed directly for B2B Tech Founders. Alongside the comprehensive course content, you'll benefit from exclusive access to a peer-to-peer community and a suite of ready-to-implement practical resources. Join our weekly live Q&A sessions to make the most of the programme, and accelerate your journey from ambitious startup to valuable business.

Assess your business in 5 minutes

Complete our scorecard and we'll benchmark you against our 16 modules to identify your strengths and areas requiring focus.

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"Founder Revenue Academy is just what I needed. As a team, we found the content incredibly useful, especially the modules on Mindset and Pain. Anyone can have a conversation about business but closing business is what matters.
These modules really help set a path individuals can stick to when navigating tricky or non committal clients."

Oliver W, Founder

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