I don't have time, got too much on

Founders have loads to do, and we know this. So, we designed the content with this in mind. The subscription is 12 months and so you have one full year to consume it at your own pace. Some binge, some take their time. It’s on Demand and not specific class and specific time based. 

I know sales - what can you teach me that I dont already know? 

If you have scaled multiple startups from the ground, then we are perhaps not the best fit. However, working with sales people at a big company, with a recognised brand is not the same as selling your own product as a Founder. There are so many intricacies to sales as a profession and we help with this but also all the other non-sales activity a Founder has to get their head round.

I don't have the funds

Money is tight for everyone, especially startups. It is important to consider carefully where to invest. We focus on helping you scale and accelerate away from Founder led sales for less than a car payment per month. 

I just need leads  

Common desire for a lot of Founders. We are not a lead generation service. We scale businesses to no longer be solely reliant on founder led sales. Lead Generation is one part of it and there are several other areas a Founder needs to know that we help with. Simple lead gen services are considerably more expensive too. 

Not all content is relevant to me 

It wont be. Thats why it is to be consumed over 12 months in the order that your study plan suggested. Some modules will be far more relevant right now than others and its important to take your time and layer the learning so it can be retained and implemented.

How quick will I start seeing results 

There is an equation here. This Academy will short circut your areas of focus and provide you with charity on what to focus on at ther right time. So if you join and don’t do anything in 3 months, then you won’t see any results; however consuming the information, implementing what we say and doing the work, will see results in a very short time. We do not close deals for you. We enable you to close deals for yourself, faster.

What ROI can I expect 

Typically, we achieve 5-15x ROI on initial investment. Furthermore, there is a time factor to consider. You could spend 3 years trying to go from business incorporation to hiring of your first VP of Sales, for that only to be an expensive mistake, or you could take 12 months to do the same journey and get everything right. 

How accessible are you as Founders 

We are available through DMs of Slack, and are here when you need us (within reason). We have had no one abuse this trust and expecting responses when it is unreasonable to do so.

Do you do any 1 to 1 coaching
For those who require this, we do go the extra mile. This is a topic to be discussed on your onboarding. 

How do I know this is right for me
If you are a Founder of an early stage B2B tech or tech enabled business and come from a technical background and you do not want to be solely reliant on founder led sales, then this is for you. However, we would also encourage you to take our assessment, to see for yourself about where you are stong and where you are weak. We suggest that if you’re aggregated score is over 80% then you are probably good on your own. However, anything under this, we can definitely help you.

How does it work? 
It is an annual subscription and you have access to 16 expertly curated modules, 47 templates to use in your business, private Slack community, weekly implementation group calls with us as Founders and content that is updated regularly with the help of domain experts who have made a career in the modules we teach, giving you enough more value helping to scale your business.

Money is tight. Why should I invest with you?  
We have a combined experience of 50 years and have helped over 100 startups. We have bumped our heads along the way and have the scars to prove it. We have made it our careers to synthesise all of the important, relevant information into a place that is designed specifically for Founders of early stage businesses, which is a market woefully underserved. Everyone wants to work with companies with money, and we are here to help those where every penny matters, hence bringing all this information together.  

How many Founders have you helped / are in the Community? 
Over 100.

What is your guarantee / big promise? 
To move you from Founder led sales as quickly as possible.

Do you have any money back periods / cooling off periods? 
We don’t. Whilst a considered purchase, we stand behind our Academy and the results we have achieved. It is a done with you not a done for you offer, so you have to put the work in so if your business is not something you want to scale or you simply love sales and always want to be in the trenches, we recommend investing in other services, because this wouldn’t be the right fit for you.

How are you going to help me? 
We shall help by giving you all the information assimilated from helping over 100 B2B startups scale their commercial engines allowing Founders to no longer be solely reliant on Founder led sales. The biggest challenge for Founders is knowing what to focus on and not only do we help you with this, we act as a support network because we have developed this Academy to help Founders at the really early stage of their journey, where money is tight, self-doubt is a daily occurrence and nerves set in - we are here to support every step.

What happy customers can I speak with
Please refer to our Testimonials page on our site

What types of results can I expect?
Compelling value proposition, happy team, correct process and your own revenue operation. Sales growth is clearly an indicator of success, however because sales is one part of the Founders scaling journey, it is important to consider all 4 aspects of startup life and we impact all of them. The time taken to achieve these results will vary depending on your work appetite and ethic. If you become a member and expect results to be delivered to you without any work, then unfortunately this will not be the academy for you. Those with an appetite to grow, open mind and willingness to fail, get the best results with us.

I want to move forward, what happens now? 
We shall send you a Stripe link for payment, and once funds are cleared, your account will be created, and an onboarding meeting will be scheduled with you directly via email. Once this has been completed, then you’ll be all set!